Sunday, March 20, 2011

March On....

Quick seedling update - my cucumbers, dahlias, climbers and some assylum has really taken off...but everything I planted in newspaper pots were germination.  These were for the most part tomatoes and annuals.  I think the biggest issue was not enough soil in the pots...i'll try them again - but make them a little smaller, or try first with grow lights.

Last weekend, I had a house full of teenagers to celebrate my nephew Ben's birthday.  We had alot of fun, the kids were great and helped in the yard.  Ben and Kamber took down the greenhouse....pulled up the instructions on youtube and then Ben folded it like a taco!

 Then Alex installed 32" feet of border for the final extension of flowerbeds in my backyard.
 Here's a pic of the family, sisters and kids chatting it up on the patio, before Becky, Jojo and Kamber headed back to Oklahoma....wish Jacob could have been here too!
This weekend, I transplanted my climbers and cucs into my 3-tiered plant stand.  I soaked the coconut husk liner and added my combo of potting soil and humus manure mix.  Also transplanted all the petunias, snapdragons and coleus.  I decided on using the packaged moss instead of the liners, I like the way it looks much better, but seems more expensive.  I finished two hanging baskets, and used just under two bags of floral moss....($2.00 per bag).  I hung them on my arbor to soak up some sun!
 Transplanted my basil and parsley too to free up some planter space.
 This was a happy sign to see - my hostas coming up - they died off last summer, and I thought all hope was lost - but all three are coming up near the arbor.

 I bought two Boston Ferns at Krogers this weekend - they are doing great, I want to hang them from my patio beams, but it was too windy this weekend.  I stuck one in a planter I bought at Mckinney Trade Days and the other on my table.  Also, at MTDs, I picked up this really cute little black distressed wooden box for $5.00.  Thought it would be great to put my seed packets in and also my flower cards. 
 It will hold tons of packets!
 Bought this canopy swing this weekend too - I had been looking at cedar swings, but didn't want to worry about hanging it from the beams...and this one was 1/2 the price.  I really enjoyed it this weekend, took a little nap, while listening to my Ipod!  It just needs a little color...its a little dull.
Also planted a knockout rose bush....that makes 8 rose bushes I have so far...will give you a picture update on those next time....but sad to say, my Mr. Lincoln, doesn't seem to be holding up too well - no new leaves....can't say the same for my JFK's a sneak peek!