Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Mornin from the Patio

Can't believe its been 2 months since I posted.  In the meantime, the flowerbeds have filled in some - it looks like the stars of the garden are the roses, and why shouldn't they be!  its a windy day today - and its going to be toasty...upper 90s.  This mornin though, its cool and high 70s.
 View from the porch swing!
 My little nephew Joey helped me put up some of this bunting...and I put up the rest - what a chore - but I think it looks great....added corbels on the sides of my post and later today - moving my flagpole to the back.  I love my patio!  I think more than my house...hahah.
 My little hosta shade garden under the Bradford Pear tree....tucked safely in the corner of the garden.....only what to do with this hideous birdbath...think i'll seal it and paint it yellow!
 My Peace and Love rosebush!  Gaining ground on the Red monster beside it!
 The beautiful Red rose bush that has grown in to a monster and I love every inch of it.  Wish I could remember the name.
 Blackberries are getting there - I tried one - but it wasn't ripe enough. 
 My beautiful Coleus - Kong Coleus on the left bottom - love this plant!
 Sweet Rose of Sharon rosebush (sweet rose of sharon, abide with me! - one of my Big Ma's favorite songs!)
 Good mornin' Mr. President!  I love this beautiful JFK rose bush!  Started from virtually nothing, planted back in March and its filling out nicely.  Can't say the same for President Lincoln....i'm hoping its just lying dormant this year!

 My mom came down for Mother's Day and here she is trimming my rose bushes for me!
 A balloon flyover about two weeks ago - when it was just a cool calm mornin!
Me and mom made salsa when she was was so yummy!