Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let' Catch Up!

Hard to believe its been 4 months since I posted my last update.....but after the holiday rush things are finally slowing down a bit.  I'm going to make a commitment to blog more in the New Year!

Dad and I went to DC in October.  He had never been and I love DC, so we got him a plane ticket for his 70th birthday back in April and he had to wait 6 months to cash it in.  We had alot of fun, did tons of walking and saw some amazing sites.  Below are some of my favs!
 A view of the monument at dusk....beautiful!
 Dad in the 1930s infamous lunch line at FDR's memorial!
 The Korean War of my favs!
 The WWII Memorial, probably one of the most beautiful War Memorials in DC!
 We hopped off in Chinatown and had some brews and egg rolls at 'Wok n Roll' formerly known as Mary Surratt's boarding house circa 1865.  (the infamous 'nest' that hatched the 'egg' to kill our beloved 16th President)
 Arlington National Cemetery.  I really had no idea of the magnitude of this cemetery.  Watched the changing of the guard, saw Custis Mansion (poor condition, ugh) and the famous gravesites.  Probably my favorite of all our stops. 
 Dad's having a little fun and decided to 'Fight the Power' with the other Occupy DC lunatics.

 This was our beautiful hotel, the historic Mayflower Renaissance just off the Farragut West and North stops, sure made riding the Metro easy.  I wish I had a pic of 'Potbellys'...that became one of our nightly staples...I think we ate there about 5 times - yum!  Daddy and I had a great time, we both got Library of Congress library cards and that was one of the highlights of the trip.  We also ate at Old Ebbits Grill and that was well worth the wait. 
 Here's my Halloween decor..haha - had a ton of Trick or Treaters and it was alot of fun!

I had Thanksgiving at my house, went and picked up Mom the day before and we cooked all day.  The turkey was so good!  We followed Barefoot Contessa's recipe and it wasn't pretty, but it was delish!  The Zerbos joined us too.  Becky and her family couldn't make it, and daddy had to work - but ther was 7 of us and we had a great time!  Here's Joey in front of the sign that Ben talented.  Mom got to stay a whole week and we had lots of fun.  We even made pepper jelly one day...except I don't know what we did, my jars never congealed!

 The dessert table....unfortunately, our chocolate pie - the one with the pretty meringue in front didn't set up - so it was just a puddle of pudding!  But the pecan was yummy and the pumpkin cheesecake was super rich!
 All the fixins - right before we said 'grace'.
 Right after Thanksgiving, I decided to put my trees up and this was a super cheapo one from Walmart that my mom picked up for me after Christmas last year for $ was really cute....and a great deal for the price.
 Ben was kind enough to draw a new sign for my entryway!
 Big tree is up and fire going - this was early December.  I miss Christmas already - already have it on my calendar for end of November to put up early and especially to get my lights on the house earlier.

Spent a few days in Oklahoma for Christmas, it was alot of fun, came home the Monday after and by Wednesday I was sick....hacking cough and congestion - no fun for the new year. 

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