Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 28th and 73 degrees on the Patio

Hard to believe its the end of January and most of the east coast is bathed in the white stuff.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, were a comy 73 degrees.  This morning was the first time in weeks, that I was able to drink my coffee on the patio this morning and actually hear a few birds chirpin.  Sitting out here now, while Lola and Jojo stare at me through the window.  Not sure if they are jealous, i'm out here without them, or maybe they're juding my tall glass of wine i'm having.  Puzzled...they can't believe i'm not inside watching Monday night that show!

This last weekend was very productive, as I've been getting a little back into my crochet phase...and decided to update this little milk stool I bought for $6.00 at MTDs last year.  It was weathered and worn from the Texas summer heat, so I decided bring inside for a spot in my sewing room. get the idea....
Time to weave in all those ends....yuck.

The Blocking Process - only left it on one day...

And here's the after....luv.

totally in luv with this little stool.  A little Ole English and some minwax , helped to transform this stool into a little piece of artwork in my sewing room.

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