Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer of Organizing, Reading, Researching and Dresdens!

Its been so long since I've blogged on here - i'm not sure where to start to catch up!  I decided this summer, I will focus on organizing my home, reading 12 books, catching up on family history and spending more time in my sewing room. Three outa 4 isn't bad....reading, researching and sewing Dresdens!!!

Have sewn quite a bit, but thought I'd share my Dresden's today...the first one here, I made for my sis for her birthday, just made up my own pattern.

Just plain scrap fabric here, so used my dresden ruler and thought this looked cute on my painted milk stool.

A lone dresden, with no home yet...but think this one would be adorable on a the colors!

This used to be a piece of scrap fabric that covered an ugly printer and its cords in my sewing room. I repurposed it into a cute apron and added a signuature dresden to the linen flap. I will have to add an upcycle/repurpose section, as there are several projects I'd like to share.

This is probably my favorite Dresden....not fancy quilt fabric, saw this at Joanns and bought several different varieties and it was waiting to be used. I sat outside and decided to hand quilt the top. This one is a true hotpad with the insul-bright sandwiched in!

Adding a side link to follow my 12 Books of Summer, but also excited about starting a monthly book club for our DAR Chapter! Some of my favorite summer readings so far...the Amish series by Linda Castillo...these are great and even listened to a few on audio as a travelled to my folks this summer...and I never figured out the ending once! Audiobooks make a great stress reliever as your driving home from work. Currently reading JLBs 'Wayfayering Stranger'...this is the Holland series..and of course its amazing. Picked up a Nelson Demille book 'Night Fall' about the TWA flight 800 tragedy back in 1996, and the conspiracy theory that it was downed by an STA missile. Really enjoyed this book too, except for the ending...hated it. Interesting that a book almost 20 years old makes you think 'how could that ever happen?', and it just did last week in the Ukraine. One last amazing author to mention, great summer reading series...Karen White and her Tradd Street Novels, set in Charleston...became obsessed with those too! I'm counting my twelve as from Memorial Day to Labor Day...12 books should be a breeze, I think I'm almost there!

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